Sunday, October 17, 2004

Ah... sweet gaming...

During college (while driving through Lawrence **a town that is very HEAVILY populated with cute people of the opposite sex**), I noticed that at stoplights, many people look to see who's in the car next to them. Well, anyways... at one of these times I got a smile.. or a wink.. or perhaps a head-nod... and that's when it all began. Since then, carflirting has become a hobby of mine. Carflirting rocks.

I have since introduced many of my gal pals to this hobby, and they also find it quite intriguing. The basics of carflirting is catching eyes with the cute guy in the next car and then cheering if he smiles or waves.. or plays the hopscotch game on the turnpike.. or whatever.

Anyways.. I thought I just let you all in on this little game... cuz it's really fun and it makes cartrips a LOT more fun. However, be careful not to carflirt with homicidal maniacs or psycho killers.. cuz that'll get you into trouble. And I'd hate to be responsible for your irresponsibility when carflirting.

By the way.. does anyone know a guy about my age who drives a red BMW and lives in Johnson County? That'd be sweet if you did... oh how I miss RED BEEMER BOY